A self-taught artist, I create colorful, vibrant, contemporary folk art with a touch of whimsy intended to bring a smile.

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As a child and teen, I was very creative and applied to go to art school my senior year of high school. Even though I was accepted at several art institutions, I allowed others to talk me out of going and into choosing a more "practical" college and career path.

I chose instead to funnel my creativity into writing and design, and worked in marketing communications for more than two decades, then transitioned into non-profit operations. But I always yearned to return to actual "art" so, in May 2020, I picked up a brush and started painting.

I began posting my work on my social media accounts, and people started asking if they could purchase my pieces. Surprised, and slightly embarrassed yet flattered, I began selling my artwork and soon found myself with not just a passionate hobby but also a "side gig."

When I'm not painting or being a "do-gooder" making it rain for non-profits, I also love to cook for my family and friends, work in my garden, travel to new places (including Africa in 2021 where I met my sponsored child, in photo), reading for fun and personal betterment, and being mom to my scruffy rescue pup Millie (in photo). ~ Julie